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SETTING THE BENCHMARK for the next generation of professional drivers

Wodonga TAFE and the Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA) are pleased to offer the Superior Heavy Vehicle Licensing (SHVL) program. Following industry consultation we have developed this program to encourage new drivers into the industry and provide them with industry standard skills and know-how.

A Certificate III in Driving Operations (TLI31216) and HR/HC licence training with 30 hours of
DECA-coached, behind-the-wheel training


30 hours of employer-based, coached driver training using actual equipment
trainees will be required to use on the job 


Additional professional driving subjects - Mechanical appreciation, extensive heavy vehicle reversing,
load restraint, coupling and uncoupling, DECA's Driving Excellence Programs: Rollover Prevention
and Stability along with Pro Driver

Key benefits of this program

  • Together we work to address the driver shortage and skills gap in the transport industry.
  • Through our networks we can help provide employers with a pool of applicants from which they can select new potential candidates as trainees.
  • We work closely with employers to select the trainees that would best suit their business.
  • Trainees are trained on the actual equipment they will be operating, for 30 hours.
  • We also liaise with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network or jobactive provider to ensure that all training documentation is complete.
  • We provide advice on government funding that is available to make this training more affordable for your business.


We will work to provide you with access to Federal and State Government funding to minimise out-of-pocket expenses.

To ensure you have access to the most accurate pricing information, CALL 1300 365 400. Tell our DECA industry consultants about your business so we build the best delivery for you.

Program duration

Each step of the training is mapped out so that trainees are building on their training through practical opportunities. The key advantage of this program is that it produces safe/productive drivers in its early stages.


Phase One (Weeks 1 to 6)

The program starts with an intensive two and half day Heavy Rigid truck licence course or Heavy Combination, depending on what licence your new employee currently holds.

With licence in-hand, your driver begins their induction process with you while undertaking four weeks of comprehensive driver development training including mechanical appreciation (trucks, their components, and how they work), load restraint, coupling and un-coupling trailers and reversing technique and practice. 

Your driver will then undertake DECA's Rollover Prevention and Vehicle Stability program, and will undergo a minimum of 30 hours of DECA-coached behind-the-wheel driver training.

DECA Rollover Prevention and Stability Program
This program uses both theory and practical training to give professional drivers a greater understanding of heavy vehicle dynamics, and the measures they can put in place to recognise and minimise rollover risk. Not only will driving skill levels improve, but each driver will develop a heightened respect for the vehicles they drive, and apply themselves in the professional and responsible manner expected by fleet operators.

Phase Two (Weeks 7 to 11)

With a truck licence and extensive driver training completed, your trainee is well prepared for you to complete their first driving assessment. This is the chance for you to assess their knowledge and driver skills.

Having passed the assessment, your driver will now move into your workplace and begin their minimum of 30 hours of coached driving using the equipment they will be required to use on the job.

Throughout this time they will study and achieve competency in the units of Certificate III in Driving Operations (TLI31216) as part of their traineeship, and at the six-month stage, will undertake another driving assessment to measure their progress.


Phase Three (Week 12 to End of program)

This is the final stage of the program where your trainee is fully immersed in their new role and working as a driver. During this stage they will refine their driving expertise and industry experience.

Your trainee will continue to achieve the standards of the remaining units of competency required for graduation from the traineeship. This phase also includes the completion of the DECA Pro Driver program. The program can be completed in a minimum of 14 months.

DECA Pro Driver Program
Focusing on human behaviour and important theories behind safe and efficient driving, drivers will not only obtain new knowledge and skill, but also develop a heightened sense of professionalism. This program covers everything from fuel savings and reducing maintenance costs, through to time management and the importance of driver health. This sees the completion of the traineeship.


Additional information

Funding made available to eligible individuals by State and Commonwealth Governments. If funding is utilised, this may affect future opportunities to access additional funding in the future. For more information see ‘Fee information and eligibility’ under the ‘Apply Now’ tab on the Wodonga TAFE website. By successfully completing this course you will receive an AQF Qualification and when applicable a VicRoads heavy vehicle licence. All students will be enrolled with Wodonga Institute of TAFE (RTO 3097).