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DECA Responsible Driver (DRD)*

About the Program

DECA’s Responsible Driver Program focuses on long-term behaviour change to achieve the professional operation of your corporate fleet. The most current telemetry technology creates a link to driver data that lets us assess behaviours, identify areas for improvement and measure long-term efficiency gains.

This telemetry technology also helps address the highest priority – ROAD SAFETY

Instant communications with the device's data delivers the ability to locate, protect and educate your corporate fleet drivers.

Measuring the Benefits of behaviour change

DECA Responsible Driver is designed to effectively change driver behaviour. This kind of change requires behaviour assessment, identification and alteration. But what about REAL behaviour change?


DECA Responsible Driver is designed to cause the least amount of disruption to client workplace activity through national delivery. It also incorporates various aspects of learning and assessment.

Program content

Throughout the duration of this program the topics covered in depth are as follows:

  • Safe following distances
  • Driver distractions
  • Mobile phones
  • Attitude towards other road users
  • Observations and planning
  • Safety margins
  • U‐turns
  • Driver signals
  • Cornering
  • Observation, planning and hazard perception
  • System of vehicle control
  • Safe cornering
  • Safe overtaking
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Seat adjustment
  • Vehicle safety
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Driving to suit the conditions
  • Road rage
  • Road rules update
  • Tyre inspection
  • Road Rules update (all states)
  • Fatigue
  • Making U‐turns
  • Tyre grip
  • Safe reversing
  • ABS and braking
  • Tyres
  • Speed, alcohol and fatigue

Location of Training

Logic Center. 45 Albertson Rd, Barnawartha North, VIC, 3691.

DECA Shepparton, VIC, 3630. 

Training can be conducted at a time and place chosen and convenient for the client.


Delivery Method

DECA Responsible Driver + Tracking

Beginning with an online learning program, licensed drivers become familiar with the Responsible Driver principles. The program continues with a four hour driver assessment designed to improve and assess skills and knowledge. This includes an introduction to the driver monitoring device and two years of driver tracking reports.

DECA Responsible Driver Refresher

This option begins with an online practical driver assessment and online learning program in order to refresh course material – a great way to stay current with any changes to road rules. Access to further two years of driver tracking reports, telemetry features and DECA partnership support is also included.


All courses run subject to minimum enrolments. Courses not marked with an asterix (*) may lead to an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification or statement of attainment. RTO: 3097.