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Pro Driver Program


About this program

Heavy vehicle fleet operators are faced with mounting pressures and challenges associated with operating in today’s highly complex and competitive transport industry.  Thin margins, fluctuating fuel costs, driver well-being issues, as well as social and environmental factors are just some of the things modern fleet operators must consider on a day-to-day basis.

Seeking new sources of competitive advantage, leading logistics companies now look to the DECA Pro Driver Program to assist in improving driver ability and skill, enhancing fleet efficiency, safety and overall performance.

The DECA Pro Driver Program focuses on human behaviour and important theories behind safe and efficient driving. No matter their experience, drivers that participate in the program will not only obtain new knowledge and skill, but also develop a heightened sense of professionalism, instilling a culture of pride and responsibility across an entire fleet.

Utilising sound theory and practical based skills training, the DECA Pro Driver Program is the ideal solution for lifting the professionalism and ability of heavy vehicle drivers. Combating everything from fuel savings and reducing maintenance costs, through to time management and the importance of driver health. Not only will your business' bottom-line benefit, but so will your workforce and the greater community.

Program content

Throughout the duration of this program the topics covered in depth are as follows.

  • Road law
  • The Human factors
  • Driver distraction
  • Observation and planning
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fuel savings
  • Environmental footprint
  • Time efficiencies
  • The Hendon system
  • OH&S
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Vehicle checks and systems
  • Demonstration commentary drive
  • Pre assessment drive
  • Assessment drive

Location of Training

DECA Shepparton. Training can be conducted at a time and place chosen and convenient for the client.

Delivery Method

Four clients per trainer, utilising theory based learning followed with practical skills training.


Two day intensive program


All courses run subject to minimum enrolments. Courses not marked with an asterix (*) may lead to an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification or statement of attainment. RTO: 3097