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Privacy Policy

DECA is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us by our clients. This privacy statement outlines the practices we follow in protecting personal information.

This privacy policy applies to DECA and to any person providing services on our behalf.


Privacy Statement

The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 requires companies to comply with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). This document describes DECA Privacy Policy.

DECA is committed to the new Australian privacy legislation in the way it collects, uses, secures and discloses personal information.


1. Application of privacy laws

DECA is required to comply with the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 and other laws which protect your privacy. We sometimes handle personal information relying on exemptions under these laws, for example in relation to:

  • employee records;
  • related bodies corporate;
  • provision of services to State or Territory authorities; and
  • Operations outside Australia relating to personal information of non-Australians.

Any permitted handling of personal information under such exemptions will take priority over this Privacy Policy to the extent of any inconsistency.

In all other respects this Privacy Policy applies to the extent permitted by law.


2. What kind of information do we collect?

If you choose to register on our sites, we may ask you for information such as name, email address, postal address, age, gender, telephone number and product information. Our sites may include optional surveys, asking for your views on various products and services. We may store the content and communications which you send and receive, and we reserve the right to monitor your communications.

We collect only the personal information that we need for the purposes of providing services to our clients, including personal information needed to:

  • deliver requested training services
  • enroll a client in a program
  • for e – newsletters, special offers and competitions purpose.

We normally collect client information directly from our clients. We may collect your information from other persons with your consent or as authorized by law.

We inform our clients, before or at the time of collecting personal information, of the purposes for which we are collecting the information. The only time we don’t provide this notification is when a client volunteers information for an obvious purpose (for example, producing a credit card to pay a service fee when the information will be used only to process the payment)


3. How do we safeguard personal information?

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that personal information is accurate and complete.

We protect personal information in a manner appropriate for the sensitivity of the information. We make every reasonable effort to prevent any loss, misuse, disclosure or modification of personal information, as well as any unauthorized access to personal information.

We use appropriate security measures when destroying personal information, including shredding paper records and permanently deleting electronic records


4. How do we use and disclose your personal information

DECA will only use the personal information you have chosen to provide us for the purpose for which you provided it.

DECA will not use it for any other purpose without your consent.

DECA will only use or disclose personal information for the purpose which was either specified or reasonably apparent at the time of collection. We may also use or disclose it for any other related purpose for which you would reasonably expect it to be used. DECA may also use your personal information to send marketing or promotional material to you, unless you indicate to us that you do not wish to receive it.

DECA does not generally disclose personal information to third parties except:

-       where third party contractors appointed by DECA require access to personal information held by us to perform services for us or on our behalf;

-       where DECA is required or authorised by law; or

-       with your consent

Should third parties be given access to personal information in such a case, DECA requires that our contractors are obliged to keep that personal information confidential and not to use or disclose it for any purpose other than performing services for us or on our behalf.


5. Website Privacy

DECA does not require website users or visitors to provide Personally Identifiable Information to view the content in the website or to browse the different sections of the website. DECA may collect from website users or visitors who choose to use the DECA on-line booking or other programs, features or services offered by DECA. Any information DECA collects is collected for the primary purpose of enabling DECA to provide and enhance the Services offered to our users. DECA does not sell or license the information collected from its websites to third parties.

DECA uses ClickTale web analytics service. ClickTale may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as text you type in this website. DECA does not use ClickTale to collect any personally identifiable information entered in this website. ClickTale does not track your browsing habits across web sites which do not use ClickTale services. For more information see Privacy Policy for Information Collected by the ClickTale Web Analytics Service. We are using the information collected by ClickTale service to measure the browsing behaviours of the users of the DECA website.
You can choose to disable the Service at http://www.clicktale.net/disable.html.”

6. Your E – mail Address

DECA will record you e-mail address in the event that you send us a message by e-mail, when you book training, when you register “opt in” requesting notifications or if you subscribe to newsletters, competitions and other services through the DECA website or Facebook pages.   Registering for notifications may be made initially by e-mail.   Your e-mail address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it.   We will not use or disclose your e-mail address for any other purpose without your consent.

When you have given DECA permission to receive e-mail communication at the times mentioned above, DECA may send information on training, promotions and communication pieces such as e-newsletters.   DECA will not sell, rent, or loan our contact lists or our customer’s contact lists (including customer data) to any outside firms unless required specifically to perform the services you have requested.    The data will not be used by anyone else for any other purpose.   You have the option to unsubscribe to all e-mail communications.   Unsubscribe requests are fulfilled within 24 hours of the request being received.   If you wish to unsubscribe from e-mail communications, please contact DECA by phone on 1300 365 400 send an e-mail to talk2us@deca.com.au.


7. Data quality

DECA take reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information it collects uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


8. Data Security

We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse or loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


9. Access and correction

A copy of this privacy policy may be provided to any client on written request; access the personal information DECA has obtained and currently holds. To the extent possible, DECA will let you access your personal information. However, there are times where the organisation is not in position to do so (e.g. where it would be unlawful to do so). If the DECA denies you access to this information, then DECA will notify you of this refusal and the basis for it.

DECA endeavours to ensure that personal information held is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Where you believe that personal information held by the DECA is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, then advise DECA and every effort will be made to correct the information.


10. Questions about Privacy

If you have a question or concern about any collection, use or disclosure of personal information by DECA, or about a request for access to your own personal information, please contact the Risk Manager on 03 9316 5604.

For further information about privacy issues, see the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website at www.privacy.gov.au