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Here at DECA we’re dedicated to providing our students with the most engaging and modern training available. One of the ways we achieve this goal is through the use of our state-of-the-art simulator, DriveSim.

Using the latest in simulation technology, DriveSim is a realistic and exciting tool we can use to provide students with real-world driving experience minus the risks and costs normally associated with driving a heavy vehicle.

With DriveSim we are able to simulate any vehicle in any condition at any time. Want to learn how to drive a B Double in the city at night while it’s raining? Or how about a Heavy Coach in the snow while your tyre’s blown out? Ordinarily these situations would be near impossible to plan for, but with DriveSim they’re only the click of a button away.

Benefits of Using DriveSim

There are many, many benefits of using our DriveSim, including:

  • Instant Feedback: as well as receiving a printed report at the end of each drive, DriveSim will provide students with instant feedback- from dips in the road to creaks and groans after a collision, students are immersed in a realistic and responsive world
  • Environmentally Friendly: practice your skills without the worry of damaging the environment- no petrol is being used!
  • Tailored Training: pre-loaded with a wide range of courses, DriveSim provides students with in-depth experience driving in specific situations. There are many facets to a DriveSim program that we can easily adjust, including:
    • Driving Environment: We can simulate city roads, busy highways, rural roads and more with just a click
    • Traffic Conditions: DriveSim can put you on the road with a host of different traffic conditions, including drunk drivers and persistent police patrols
    • Time of Day: Switch between the bright sunshine of day or the black of night in seconds
    • Weather: With DriveSim you can learn how to drive the most intricate of vehicles in the pouring rain. Not extreme enough? How about a thunderstorm? Or even a patch of snow?
    • Vehicle Conditions: Learn how to drive in an emergency without the risks! Not only can we customize what type of truck or bus you use, we can also manipulate a number of failures, including tyre blow-outs, overheating the engine, brake failure, locked steering and more.
  • Safe Training Environment: there are some situations that traditional training can never truly prepare you for- how does a tyre blow-out feel? What should I do if my steering locks? With DriveSim you can learn these advanced techniques in a safe and relaxed environment. Training can be repeated at the click of a button, so you can  practice until you get it perfect!
  • Mobile Training: can’t make it to one of our sites? Using our Mobile DriveSim, we can come to you! Utilising our national network of trainers and assessors, we can deliver Mobile DriveSim training at any client site in Australia.

DriveSim Locations

We can deliver DriveSim training from a number of our branches, including our sites in Altona North, Carrum Downs and Shepparton. We also have the ability to deliver Mobile DriveSim training to any client site across Australia. For more information or to schedule training please contact your closest branch or email us at talk2us@deca.com.au