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Truck Driver Training

DECA truck used for truck licence training

For decades now, DECA has led the way in preparing and assessing tens of thousands of Australian road users for all their driving needs. Dedicated to delivering the very best of heavy vehicle training, DECA’s focus is not just on providing a truck licence, but rather to provide an educational experience that makes safer and smarter drivers. DECA offers a range of truck licences, including Light Rigid, Medium Rigid and Heavy Rigid licences.

Tapping into the vast industry experience of our nationally accredited trainers and assessors, as well as utilising our state of the art simulation technology, DECA creates an environment that is modern, motivating and industry relevant.

Truck licence information

Available courses will vary for each State (Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania). You can view the available courses and book online via the menu on the right hand side of this page.

  • Learn to Drive Light Rigid
  • Learn to Drive Medium Rigid
  • Learn to Drive Heavy Rigid Synchromesh or Non-Synchromesh
  • Learn to Drive Heavy Combination
  • Learn to Drive Multi Combination 
  • Heavy Vehicle Assessment & Licence Testing

Whether you’re new to the industry and want to get your truck licence, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to develop new skills to minimise your operational costs, DECA heavy vehicle training can help.

Heavy Vehicle Learner Licence – Tasmania Only

The Heavy Vehicle Learner Licence is an initiative by the Tasmanian government that applies to all drivers who wish to obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence more than one class above the licence they currently hold. For more information about the learner licence, vehicle classes and more please click here.