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Car Driver Training

image of car used for DECA driver training courses

Whether you’re seeking a new career, looking to improve your driving skills or simply want an introduction to the world of driving, DECA has a number of car driver training courses available.

Using the latest in theoretical and practical training techniques, our team of nationally accredited instructors will help you feel confident and relaxed behind the wheel. From youth training to defensive driving, DECA’s wide range of driver training courses equips learners with the skills and knowledge to create a safe environment for all road users.

There are also a number of career-orientated courses available for all car drivers. These courses are not just focused on licensing drivers but rather teaching them how to operate in their chosen industry successfully and effectively.

DECA driving training courses available:

  • SMART (Defensive car) driving courses
  • Student Driver (Victoria)
  • Young Drivers (Victoria)

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