RTO NO 3037

Corporate & Fleet

Managing a fleet can be a costly task, requiring precious resources such as time and money. Working in conjunction with some of Australia’s largest organisations, DECA staff have developed a range of programs that equip both supervisors and team members alike with the skills and knowledge to operate effectively and efficiently.

Our team of nationally accredited trainers and assessors possess an intimate knowledge of the daily pressures faced by companies across Australia. With the right training, all businesses have the ability to significantly reduce costs such as:

  • Fuel and petrol
  • Insurance premiums
  • Vehicle down time
  • Repairs and replacement

Our courses can also play a vital role in developing and maintaining a standard of safety across a fleet of drivers; whether you manage two or two hundred staff, a lax and lazy approach to occupational health and safety can destroy a business.

From the environment to public safety, companies across Australia are feeling the scrutiny of the community to be better, to strive for more. By developing safe driving behaviours and reducing fuel consumption, our training can also help companies meet and excel beyond the expectations of corporate social responsibility and build a better future.